CSUS Student Emergency Fund

On April 15, the OEMBA promoted an event to benefit the CSUS Student Emergency Fund. This fund assists enrolled CSUS students who have urgent and unmet needs with regards to housing, food and supplies. 

The problem of college student homelessness is a nationwide issue and is relevant in many communities with ours being no exception; nationally at least 36 percent of college students say they are food insecure, another 36 percent say they are housing insecure, and 9 percent report being homeless according to a recent survey conducted by Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab. (NPR, Hunger And Homelessness Are Widespread Among College Students, Study Finds. Reported April 3, 20188:48 PM ET. )

The OEMBA Board made a decision to partner with the East Sac Women's Club (ESWC) for our April 2018 business event. This relationship was fostered through our connection with Shannon Downs of Downs Fiduciary, a member of ESWC and a supporter of CSUS.  

A food, wine and beer pairing was held at The Shack Restaurant on Folsom Blvd in Sacramento. Despite the stormy weather the day of the event, there was a great turnout and over 100 tickets were sold.  A total of $7,600 was raised for the fund by this effort and the ESWC delivered a check to the CSUS Student Emergency Fund (see photo below). 

As alumni of the CSUS Executive MBA program, we are all grateful for the opportunities we had during our education. Assisting other students who are undergoing life-challenging situations during their college experience is a uniquely relevant responsibility for alumni.

For more information about the CSUS Student Emergency Fund, please visit their website here.    Or if you wish to make a donation, go to the Giving page here and select the "Seth Nelsen Student Emergency Grant" option.  The fund was recently renamed after a grant from CSUS President Robert Nelsen and his wife Jody, in honor of their late son.